Using Novel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Application to Understand Thyroid Disorders in Children
Clinical Research Thyroid Disorders
More than $27M in extramural funding were obtained by our trainees
Investigating Inflammation in Search of New Treatments for Stroke Patients
Multiorganizational Stroke
270 publications were published by our trainees
Developing Culturally Tailored Research and Health Solutions
Multiorganizational Mental Health
100% of our trainees are in academic positions
Viewing Images of High-Calorie Foods Brings on High-Calorie Cravings
Clinical Research Diabetes and Obesity
34 trainees have completed a comprehensive, multi-year education program in the past 6 years
New Concussion Guidelines for Young Athletes
Clinical Research Concussion
Understanding Chronic Swelling of Arms After Breast Cancer Surgery
Clinical Research Cancer
Determining Genetic Factors of Tumor Invasiveness
Pre-Clinical Research Cancer
Using Circulating Tumor Cells to Assess a Patient’s Response to Therapy in Real Time
Pre-Clinical Research Cancer

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