USC Researchers Put Food Smarts into Phones to Improve Nutrition and Reduce Obesity
Community Research Diabetes and Obesity
Provided more than 500 consultations in 2018
Sickle Cell Disease Research by Cardiology Fellow Leads to Prestigious Award
Clinical Research Sickle Cell Disease
Provided access to de-identified health records from 158M patients to enable research
CHLA Team Develops New Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique for Assessing Stroke Risk in Sickle Cell Disease Nearly
Clinical Research Stroke, Sickle Cell Disease
Awarded 10 pilot grants in 2018
Research Follows Multi-Ethnic Cohort to See How Obesity and Body Fat Distribution Affect Cancer Risk
Clinical Research Diabetes and Obesity, Cancer
Researchers Study Hormonal Function and Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Weight Management and Glucose Control in Obese and Diabetic Patients
Clinical Research Diabetes and Obesity
Research Team Evaluates Drug to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease and Improve Mild Cognitive Impairment
Clinical Research Alzheimer's Disease
USC Pediatric Surgeon Leads Nationwide Study to Help Children with Liver Disease
Clinical Research Liver Disease
Cross-Institutional Study Looks within Arteries to Understand Effects of Cholesterol Medications
Clinical Research Heart Health
SC CTSI-Supported Research Drives Global Health Policy
Clinical Research Health Policy
Drug Treatment for Alcohol Abuse Advances to Human Trials in Cross-Institutional Study
Clinical Research Alcohol Abuse
Scaffolding Technology for Stem Cell- Induced Gut Tissue Regeneration
Pre-Clinical Research Regnerative Medicine for Newborns
Researchers Identify Ethnic Genetic Differences in Hemophiliacs in Search of Improved Therapies
Pre-Clinical Research Hemophilia
USC Researchers Develop Novel Approach to the Discovery of New Human Immunodeficiency Virus Drugs
Pre-Clinical Research Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Computer Speech Project to Boost Culturally Sensitive Doctor-Patient Interactions
Pre-Clinical Research Communications
Implantable Pump to Deliver Tumor-Fighting Drugs in the Brain
Pre-Clinical Research Cancer
CHLA Researchers Demonstrate How Obesity Blocks Therapeutic Effects of Cancer Treatments
Pre-Clinical Research Diabetes and Obesity
Research Team Develops Pacemaker to Save the Lives of Unborn Babies
Multiorganizational Heart Health in the Womb
Scientist Breaks Through the Body’s Intricate Healing Process
Pre-Clinical Research Wound Healing
The Plight of Transgender People Seeking Basic Medical Care
Community Research Transgender Health
Helping People with Mental Illness Get Medical Care
Community Research Mental Health
Text Messages Help Patients Better Manage their Diabetes
Community Research Diabetes and Obesity
Addressing Inequities in Care for Latino and African American Children with Autism
Community Research Autism
The Most Powerful Weapon against Asthma Is Education
Community Research Asthma
The SC CTSI Uses New “Promotora” Model to Improve Heart Health Among Latinos
Community Research Heart Health
Electronic Consultations Break Down Barriers for Medi-Cal Patients In Los Angeles County
Community Research Access to Care

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